Articles and reports from LSAS 2018:

“Verdenslyd i Henningsvær” by Ina Gravem Johansen, PLNTY magazine

“A short report, some observations, and a photographic record of parts of the symposium”, by artist Jeremy Welsh

— While reading the reports, we propose you listen to this recording from DJ Sissifus dj set part of LSAS Saturday night program —

LISTEN BACK: Lofoten Sound Art Symposium three days and nights of LSAS from the perspective of the invited radio artists Yngvild Færøy & Søssa Jørgensen. Commissioned by LSAS.

“Daily broadcasts from the Lofoten Sound Art Symposium. These are our subjective, impressionistic mixtures containing interviews with organizers, artists and audience, extracts from lectures, performances and sound installations, moments in the sun, in-between venues in Svolvær and Henningsvær, Musikkforeningen, North Norwegian Art Centre, Trevarefabrikken and the accomondation Rorbuene.  Many coincidences, some expectations and some sound memories. A lot absorbed, a lot missed.
All put together in the speed of light to get it “on air” the very same night.      Big thanks to all contributors!